Office365 and SharePoint Continuous Improvement

Many organizations may find that they have successfully developed a solution, and then have been left to themselves to maintain and operate IT. We aim to assist these companies by managing their Office 365 and SharePoint solutions.

This is a service we provide to most of our customers. In this way make sure our customers receive necessary help and support, even after the project is completed. This includes error correction, changes, adjustments and even new functionality.

With our Office365 and SharePoint management solutions, we are able to assist our customers where they do not have the resources and competence to do it themselves.

"Consecutive error correction, changes and new functionalities delivered by an expert"

If you want to have implemented new functionalities and the amount of work exceeds 80 hours is handled in the form of mini-projects. Based on a brief specification together with the customer we prepare an estimate for the scope of work(SOW). The customer can on the basis of the SOW evaluate and prioritize the development of the new functionalities.


If you are interested in how your business can benefit from our framework, please get in touch with one of our solution experts.

Thomas Stave

Thomas Stave

Sales Director