Cloud Support

Crayon Cloud Support provides a safe and experienced hand in the process of bringing your production systems to the cloud. We ensure your success from start to finish:

  • Successful establishment and maintenance without incidents!

It is critical to build a good foundation for add-on services in order to avoid costly and time consuming corrections at a later point. 

  • Time efficient and rock solid technical support when accidents strike! 

Whether on premise or in the cloud, you need good insurance that your business-critical production systems will run without any incidents. The technical experts at Crayon Cloud Support will quickly assist you, and escalate critical errors and issues to the subject experts at Microsoft Support when/if needed and depending on your Service Level Agreement. 

  • Content and efficient end users

It is important that the end users of your organization have a good user experience with your cloud solution. It will help them work smarter and easier from the first moment they access it. This ensures productivity and ROI.

«It is important that end users have good user experiences with your cloud solution and that it helps them work smarter and easier from the first time they access it. This ensures productivity and ROI.»

This service applies, but is not limited to the following items:
Support, Office365, Proactive, Reactive, Cloud, Azure, Microsoft, AWS, Amazon, Bluemix, IBM


If you are interested in how your business can benefit from our framework, please get in touch with one of our solution experts.

Thomas Stave

Thomas Stave

Sales Director