Privacy issues, security issues, revisions and access, avoidance of lock-ins, disclaimers, flexibility/scalability of solutions, SLAs and penalties, price models/cost prediction and choice of law and dispute settlements are among the topics covered by our legal services. 


  • * Advice on using relevant standard agreements or drafting new agreements if necessary
  • o Assessing the need for a possible pilot agreement
  • * Counselling related to contracting and ensuring protection of key circumstances. Securing that the solution can fulfil technical and functional requirements
  • o Privacy issues (GDPR)
  • * Personal information and data processing agreement – agreement between data processor and data controller 
  • * Data ownership and access (data portability)  
  • * Privacy by design – privacy must be ensured in the entire process of engineering 
  • * Data portability – allowing transfer of personal data from one supplier to another.
  • o Security issues – securing that customers requirements are covered in the agreement.
  • o Revision and access
  • * Analyzing and finding the suitable regime for revision and access to the supplier systems and the relevant subcontractor systems 
  • o IPR – Analyzing and finding the right balance between cost, control and flexibility 
  • o Avoiding lock-in 
  • * The agreement should have well-defined exit activities, to avoid customer lock-in
  • * The supplier should be obliged to contribute to transfer of knowledge and all relevant customer data.
  • o Disclaimers
  • * These are contractual clauses intended to specify or delimit the scope of rights and obligations that may be exercised and enforced by parties. It is important that the disclaimers don´t limit the customers “normal” rights or transfer risk from the supplier to the customer above what is reasonable.
  • o Limitations of liability 
  • * Needs to be balanced and in accordance with the contractual amount, risk and the systems criticality for the customer.
  • o Flexibility/scalability 
  • * Regulation to secure necessary flexibility/scalability to cover customer needs for the solution over time.
  • o Price model and cost predictability
  • * Finding the right price models suitable for the solution and the contract as a whole and being cost predictable.
  • o Service level agreement (SLA) and penalties
  • * Important service commitment that prevails between the supplier and customer. Particular aspects of the service – quality, availability, responsibilities.  Crucial to find the right balance taking into account standard services, customer needs, risk and price.
  • o Choice of law and dispute settlement
  • * E.g. for cross-border agreements it is important to agree upon a national legislation and jurisdiction or at least a legal venue and law knowlegde to the customer.
  • * Procurement process (more informal process if private customer)
  • o Securing that the process is conducted in compliance with procurement law regulations
  • * Drafting and quality assuring of competition documents 
  • * Handling of the tender process 
  • * Evaluation of the tenders, negotiations, handling of complaints and disputes
  • * Assistance in negotiations 
  • o Transfer of competence beforehand, or carrying out the negotiations with or for the customer.
  • o Legal necessities to clarify before and under negotiations.


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Thomas Stave

Thomas Stave

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