SAM Maturity Analysis

Crayon SAM Maturity Analysis provides a thorough evaluation of the organization’s current level of software asset management, compared to best practice demands. The analysis highlights areas of risks and maps out possible benefits, with the goal of identifying the areas where the organization quickly can reduce financial and legal risk, reduce costs and maximizing current software investments by implementing solid software asset management.

Crayon SAM Maturity Analysis is conducted by Crayon’s SAM experts, and is built upon ITIL, ISO and IAITAM standards for best practices within software asset management. The analysis is completed through a set of workshops and interviews, and is concluded by a thorough written report, maturity level analysis and benchmarking of current software asset management.

This service applies, but is not limited to the following items:
Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe, Snow, IBM, Autocad, Autodesk, VMWare, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Flexera, MAP Toolkit, Office365 (O365), Symantec, Microfocus, Redhat, SAS Institute, SAAS, Siebel, PAAS, IAAS, Azure, Microsoft, AWS, Amazon, Bluemix, IBM


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Thomas Stave

Thomas Stave

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