Tech Maturity Analysis

Technology maturity analysis is a process to evaluate the feasibility and technology impact of a change from todays’ software, solution or system to a new cloud driven solution. It can also be used to support customers in addressing the requirements of regulatory change such as EU General Data Protection Regulation.

The purpose of the process is to create a foundation for the decision making process by including more factors than software and services procurement with annual cost elements. When changing larger elements in a line of business system, the impact to the business is incredibly hard to define. The Technical Maturity Analysis can be performed on systems of any size for evaluation and feasibility purposes. In most cases, it makes sense to do this evaluation system by system to avoid data overload and too many factors. 

It is natural to always look into the following elements:

  • Technical versions and requirements for this to run
  • Capacity measures, size, number of users, traffic patterns and High Availability requirements
  • Client requirements
  • Day to day operation and troubleshooting
  • Level of automation, flexibility and agility in the system
  • Security considerations such as backup, access management, technological support for compliance with internal and external regulations and internal and network security.

All elements will be mapped against the proposed solution and given a character or written description on the changes to be expected.

The result of the activity is a report with details of the current status and a clear recommendation. The report will contain as-is to-be information and evaluation of impact. 

This service applies, but is not limited to the following items:
Microsoft, Oracle, System Center, Windows 10, Azure, Office365, Excange, SharePoint, Skype for Business, OneDrive for business, Facebook, AWS, Bluemix, Yammer, Machine Learning, Amazon, Windows Server, Hyper-V, Hybrid, Azure, Microsoft, AWS, Amazon, Bluemix, IBM


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Thomas Stave

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