Identity Management

Most businesses have multiple IT systems. An Identity Management system (IDM) makes it easier to administrate users and ensure they have the appropriate permissions, as well as ensuring that access rights are deleted when a person changes roles.

A correctly implemented identity management system will help your organisation comply with regulations (for example EU General Data Protection Regulation; EU GDPR). An IDM system simplifies these tasks, making it simpler to manage user access for all systems in one place, usually based off the HR system as a source of user data.

An IDM system makes it simpler to manage user access for all systems in one place and manage compliance

Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) is Microsoft's IDM solution. By implementing MIM, a variety of benefits can be achieved, including; financial savings by automating manual tasks for managed users, increasing security by rule-based allocation of rights to systems and automatic removal of permissions, and traceability through documentation of changes and history. Crayon has specialist expertise in MIM and related technology, such as Windows Server, Active Directory (AD), Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), Windows Azure and Office 365. We are happy to assist with the evaluation, planning, implementation and support of a solution for identity management.

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