Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility involves managing devices, content and secure access with products which put corporations in control when users are consuming corporate data from both work and personal devices.

The volume of smartphone and personal devices used to access corporate data has exploded in recent years and as a result, corporations are now facing great challenges (Choose Your Own Device/Bring Your Own Device).

Crayon is partner that helps with BYOD and other Enterprise Mobility challenges

Crayon deliver tailored Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions to customers which are adjusted to their needs. Crayon have expertise within EMM and understand that the needs of the customer are central for the chosen solution as not all products fit each customer. After many years of experience, Crayon understand how to implement EMM and deploy it in a way that is optimal for both the organization and the end user. Whether the need is a lock-down of Kiosk-devices to more end-to-end solutions with content encryption, multi-factor authentication and email/certificate/vpn/wifi deployment, Crayon is the partner that will help you in a field that is in continuous change. We know the added cost and security risks that a lack of management of mobile devices can introduce. Our solutions are focused on compliance with internal and external regulatory changes such as EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This service applies, but is not limited to the following items:
EMS, Intune, Airwatch, Citrix Xen mobile, Enterprise Mobility Suite, Azure AD, AAD, Azure, Microsoft, AWS, Amazon, Bluemix, IBM


If you are interested in how your business can benefit from our framework, please get in touch with one of our solution experts.

Thomas Stave

Thomas Stave

Sales Director