Database Platform

Is your database platform positioned to meet demands from the business, security and regulation, for example EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR)?

How do you classify data and are you confident about security and, especially, access to data? Is your environment optimized to ensure you effectively gain value from your investments and are compliant with licensing requirements?

Crayon has specialists in designing database-solutions that fits your business, with regards to both licenses and infrastructure and that helps you comply with internal and external regulation. SQL Server 2016 has several new features included for performance and security. Always Encrypted, for example, separates access to data for business and IT-departments.

How confident are you about security, access to data and the General Data Protection Regulation?

Everybody is talking about Big Data. How are you collecting data and are you collecting the correct data? Are you considering Cloud or On Premise as your new platform? Our BI architects design a Big Data solutions that enable you to innovate in a competitive way. The best possible data on any device, accessible by any role, enabling the correct decisions to be taken.

This service applies, but is not limited to the following items:
SQL, Power BI, Bid data, Machine Learning, Azure Datalake, Data Injection, Oracle


If you are interested in how your business can benefit from our framework, please get in touch with one of our solution experts.

Thomas Stave

Thomas Stave

Sales Director